KI-Lat Krabang Co., Ltd.

864 Luangpaeng Road, Thapyao, Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520
アジア / 日本アジア / タイ

KI-Lat Krabang Co., Ltd. is classed in Tier 1 of the leading automotive manufacturers in Thailand with the support from Keiaisha Co.,Ltd. in Japan performing the manufacture and distribution of the automotive parts. Such manufacture of automotive parts are processed under the fully-integrated manufacturing system from the beginning where the concept creation for the parts is initiated as well as the process of pressing, welding or coloring with the advanced technology for metal sheet stamping. We also perform the manufacture and distribution of metal dies with high-quality machine, modernized equipment, reliable measurement, and specialized staffs as the fundamental function of all processes. Furthermore, we are ready to meet the customers’ demands who need only the particular metal dies.


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